About us

About Us

Avalontorg company is one of the largest distribution and logistics companies in the Republic of Belarus. Each of the activities of the company shows steady growth and rapid development:

• distribution of domestic and imported food products in all market segments;

• provision of logistics services.

Being an active supporter of long-term and mutually beneficial partnership, Avalontorg is positioning itself as a reliable partner for joint projects with Belarusian, Russian and foreign companies.

Principles of the company

We do our best to develop steadily and overcome difficulties. We have a clear understanding of the peculiarities of our business and a clear algorithm, based on years of experience of our company and professionalism of our team. These factors allow us to keep moving forward!

We develop only those projects that are in demand today and will be relevant in the future. Our specialists carefully monitor the changing market needs and new trends in global business. On this basis, we build our approach to projects, and adapt to changing environment.

The advantages of working with AVALON group of companies.

AVALON group of companies’ unified logistics help to optimize both temporary and financial costs:

• direct sales on all the group of assortment by local trade representatives throughout the country;

 • shipping of all the products from one centralized warehouse;

• delivery and unloading of the products in a single lorry.

 The effective performance of the group of companies’ each member is determined by its own system of management, clear understanding of the objectives, experience in a one particular industry and by the ability to use their own and partners’ resources correctly. Each company is a separate legal entity having its own business plan on operation and development.

 About the Avalontorg

• Avalontorg was formed in 1994 as a distribution and logistics company specializing in food products. • Active development of distribution in the company is carried out in 2 ways: Retail and HoReCa. For this purpose different divisions have been created within a trading department.

• The total staff is more than 200 people.

• The company’s portfolio includes tea and coffee group of goods and groceries from the world-famous manufacturers.

• The companies are constantly using cutting-edge technologies (computerized system of gaining orders, GPRS system for monitoring the agents and transport operation, addressed warehouse storage, the use of scanning system for outgoing inspection of goods in the warehouse, automation work of trading department).

We are developing both global and domestic producers’ brands by making effective distribution, logistics and marketing systems in consumer goods market and in HoReCa market.

Activities of Avalontorg: Food products distribution in Retail segment:

• On the basis of Avalontorg company there is its own trading department which has been selling exclusive products and also the range of the marked trade teams of our partners. This helps to achieve the best results.

• There is the trade department on the basis of each regional city operating in the most remote sales outlets that makes it possible for 100% covering of the territory of Belarus.

• The opportunity to work on various terms of contract. The individual work with each outlet concerning outlaying, fixing the products on the shelves. The daily work of merchandisers.

• The shipping of the product, including regions, is implemented by the direct sales. Logistics are organized from the central administrative warehouse in Minsk. The delivery all over the country – 24-48 hours;

• The filing of application and control of residual stock and debit debts is implemented on-line by CPC. The active client base of the company is about 6650 outlets all over the Republic of Belarus. The Avalontorg company operates with all types of retail – from local and national networks and hypermarkets to stands in marketplaces.

 The distribution of food products in HoReCa:

 • HoReCa’s sales department is represented by the group of sales agents working in Minsk and one sales agent in every regional city;

 • Avalontorg is one of the largest providers of tea-coffee production in this segment;

• There are also frozen desserts and the production of “Curtier” company which are included in the range of production.

• The company has its own variety of coffee-machines and its own service department maintaining this equipment. There are also chefs and technologists in the staff. Plans for 2013 – the organization of training and consulting center for public catering establishments

Each of us contributes to the success of the company, and we care that our knowledge and skills will be fruitful for the company.